Today our customers are facing a highly competitive business landscape. Being a Total Solution provider to facilitate our customers to sharpen their edges, World Link International Accounting Group (The Group) was established to provide its customers a full range of business consultancy services, in addition to auditing and accounting services. With the involvement of professionals such as bankers, tax specialists, business consultants and qualified accountants, the Group is committed to formulate win-win strategies and offer total solutions to exceed its customer’s expectation.

As the core members of the Group, World Link Business Consultants Ltd. and World Link Executive Search Ltd. were established to grow hand-in-hand with our customers through provision of following services:

Bank Financing Application

It is no doubt that Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of Hong Kong’s economy and have accounted for over 90% of all businesses. Being bullish on our future prospects, SMEs are always concerning about cash flow & funding, sales and turnover, government regulations and the availability of qualified staff. Although they cited that cash flow & funding is their primary concern, they are not experience enough in handling their accounting records and introducing themselves for the application of bank financing. As a result, a lot of SMEs have failed to obtain appropriate facilities packages from the banks even though collaterals are provided.

Guided by our director who has engaged in the banking industry for over 15 years and possesses a broad connection in the Commercial Banking sector, SMEs will be able to attain bank financing under reasonable terms for their business expansion. For instance, we have successfully assisted a medium sized professional firm to acquire an unsecured Overdraft of several million with good pricing.

Professional Training

To cope with our customer’s business growth with difficulty on retention of quality staff, a well-designed training scheme of work can play an important role to act as a defensive tool to retain and grow existing staff. Our experienced partners and directors, who have in-depth understanding on market needs and trend, are able to design and deliver compact and practical trainings to facilitate our customers to grow and retain their staff. To put into practice, we have conducted a training course on “Introduction of International Trade Operation, Trade Finance Products and Credit Analysis Skills” to equip a group of sales staff of a sizable international bank in Hong Kong.

Executive Search

Another major concern of our customers, apart from training, must be the availability of sufficient qualified and talent staff. To tackle the issue, we are devoted to identify and recruit talent professionals for our customers via the broad connection of our Partners and Directors. In the mean time, we are working for 2 major foreign banks and some listed companies to search for professionals to facilitate their penetration of the Hong Kong market.

Other Consultancy Services

Facing the ever changing and highly sophisticated commercial environment, we are also committed to provide various types of business consultancy services such as Change Management, Business Recovery, Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Corporate Finance Advisory Service. Our dedicated professional team will assist our customers to seize every single business opportunities and overcome all types of challenges.

All in all, our Group is strategically positioned to grow hand-in-hand with our customers in the competitive world through formulation of win-win strategies and offering of total solutions.



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